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“Be gracious in your speech.
The goal is to bring out the best in others in a conversation,
not put them down, not cut them out.”
Paul of Tarsus, a Letter to the Colossians

WordPulse is a forum for the exchange of ideas about life, faith and public issues – always through the Jesus Lens of grace and dignity. It is a project of Selfless Ambition.

Selfless Ambition Media exists to engage Christ-followers and the larger Madison community in culturally-relevant discussions from a variety of Christian perspectives (Our Mission). We promote healthy and constructive dialogue around the central issues of our time (Our Vision). Selfless Ambition Media is operated by Selfless Ambition Inc., a nonprofit organization dedicated to transformative community development and based in Dane County.

Selfless Ambition was founded and is lead by Henry Sanders. For nearly twenty years, Henry (CEO and Publisher) has been a force for community development, economic development and entrepreneurship in the Madison area, in Wisconsin and throughout the Midwest. He also founded and serves as the publisher of Madison365.

Our Editorial Team

Phil Haslanger, Elsa Gumm, Femi Sokoya, John Smalley, B. Marcell Williams, Mary Anderson, Mernela Anez

Our Values

WordPulse exists as an online platform for Christ followers and communities of goodwill to discuss current events, challenges, and service opportunities in Dane County and beyond.
WordPulse exists as a place where ideologies of all stripes can be discussed through a lens of grace and dignity. We do not hold any political stance, but welcome conversation from across the political and social spectrum to promote healthy, constructive dialogue.
WordPulse refuses to demonize or dehumanize other people’s views, regardless if they come from a conservative, liberal, religious, or non-religious perspective.
WordPulse exists to celebrate the vibrant art, culture, music, and food scenes in Dane County and beyond.
WordPulse exists to share and celebrate best practices around community development, mentoring, and student excellence.