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7 Questions for Thursday: Brandon Williams

Brandon Williams won fame as a football player, both at UW- Madison and then in the pros for the 49er, Rams and Colts. He holds the career record for most receptions as a Badger.  He is back in Madison working as a financial consultant, sports commentator motivational speaker and author.

What does Jesus mean for you?
To me he is the representation of God’s original mandate for man being restored.  He was sent to bring back the government of god which was a Kingdom mandate.  He was sent to pay the debt of our sins. Which is salvation thru accepting him as our Lord and savior.

Name your favorite 3 Christian music artists?
Tye Tribbet , Will McDowell and Trip Lee

What is the church body doing well and what could we improve on?
The church could be more entrepreneurial thinking when it comes to building community, such as buying land for housing and business development.

What scripture really defines where you are today in life and why?
Proverbs 19:21 and Mathew 6:33

How does your faith play role in your professional career? Everything I do is first centered on God – personal and professional.

You have a newborn son named Brandon Williams. Do you want him to follow in your footsteps and play football?
You know, if that is what God has purposed for his life in all for it. My prayer for him is that he finds his purpose at a young age because purpose creates priority, protection, provision, power and it brings people.

If you could give your younger self advice from what you know now, what advice would you give?
Create a real relationship with God as soon as possible through prayer, meditation and worship. Put God at the center.