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90 minutes to make a difference

Sometimes congregations engage in highly-visible activities to serve the community around them. Other times, there are a series of less-visible actions that help propel the church into the neighborhood. Orchard Ridge United Church of Christ on Madison’s southwest side posted this on their Facebook page on Tuesday and it’s a good example of people working together as church to make a difference.

“In a mere 90 minutes tonight:
Our Care of Creation team brainstormed ways to deepen our congregation’s work with creation care.
Our Christian Witness and Service team endorsed:
* an emerging affordable housing program that will provide rent subsidies for 6 families for three years;
* approved a grant for a local organization’s Parents on the Premise program,
* responded to a request for a local woman to bring her father out of Puerto Rico, and
* planned for snack packs neighborhood kids.
Just another day in the life of this congregation.”