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Celebrations links students, supporters at Impact Badger

It was a fifth anniversary for an interdenominational organization serving black Christian students at the University of Wisconsin-Madison and the 30th birthday of the woman who started all this here.

The Friday evening gathering Upper House brought together community supporters, ministry partners, and students to celebrate Impact Badger. Kesha Wilkinson is the campus coach who launched this five years ago when she saw a need in Madison.

“When I attended the national Impact conference and saw 50 UW-Madison students attending with no active chapter, I felt God was telling me I need you here in Madison doing Impact because there is a need there,”. Wilkinson said.

That is how Impact began and it has been growing ever since. This event was an opportunity for students to connect with local supporters of Impact and share what Impact has meant in their lives. 

This event was centered around the uniqueness of the Impact Movement that is a collection of Black, interdenominational Christian students that seek to grow in how their role on campus, in the community and the world relates to race and God. The students had good things to say about how Impact and Wilkinson have helped them grow in their faith.

Recent UW-Madison graduate Bobbie Briggs praised Wilkinson for her dedication to students and being a spiritual mentor during her years at Madison. 

The event was not only a celebration of Impact’s work but also an effort help Wilkinson become full time as the Impact coach on campus. “I am currently raising support to be full time and this event was a fun way to do that,” she said. “Also, for people who are considering to support us, they will have a chance to connect with students.” 

Wilkinson commented on her desire to be near the students: “The more time I spend on campus the more need for me to be here.” 

The attendees were very passionate about seeing this happen. The guests at the event raved about what is happening through the Impact ministry. Mary Smith, a new supporter of Impact, shared  what she learned through this night:  Impact “is a crucial and critical ministry on UW Campus and I have been very impressed by the students who are involved with Impact seeing their love for the Lord and their appreciation of the leadership of Kesha.” 

The students had the opportunity to connect with many different ministry supporters and share their stories of what made them come and what made them stay involved in Impact. There was a sense of responsibility among the students about sustaining the Impact Movement on campus. 

UW-Madison student and Impact student leader Brianna Billingsley showed her passion for this organization when she said, “The Impact movement has shaped a lot of lives on campus from how to study the Bible to taking lessons and applying them to our daily lives.”