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Resolutions in a broken world

I don’t make resolutions. I don’t resolve to do anything. As things pop up, I try to fix them. Discipline is always there. I try to be disciplined and look for areas to grow, but not just at the New Year. Why would I do that?

It’s cultural and weak and they don’t really have a follow-through rate that’s anything to brag about ….and obviously, I’m about to (partially) refute myself.

One of great things about resolutions if you make them is that they mean you’ve taken your time to think about what you lack – skill, ability, character, etc. We know all humanity lacks something because we all need Christ. The holiest person on the planet is still on the planet and needed Christ. They aren’t sanctified in this life.

One thing we can all do as members of the church is pray for people to be saved by our verbal and non-verbal presentations of the Gospel. We can resolve to be active participants in the bringing of kingdom of God to a world where people don’t know about it, to be ambassadors.

One thing I hear about so much is the growing sense of entitlement in the younger generation…from a generation that feels entitled to have a responsible generation coming up under them – just like every other generation had responsible young people, right? Regardless, it’s a bit true.

Entitlement, the feeling you deserve something, is something with much more visible presence today. It’s always been there, however. Isn’t that great? For us, it can be.

Resolutions – when made by people who don’t believe, or even when it’s acknowledged that there is something that isn’t perfect in someone’s life – are a great way to bring up the brokenness of the world.

Genesis 3 talks about sin entering the world and the rest of scripture has examples of the havoc it wreaks.

As I think about all of the things I could learn, I am admitting that there are things I don’t know.

As I think about all of the things I could do, I am admitting what I have not done.

As I think about all of the things I could be, I am admitting what I am not.

Even in my silence, where I hate the idea of resolutions, I am admitting that I haven’t convinced enough people that they are useless.

Resolutions – goal setting – is a reference to what is not. It doesn’t matter how aspirational a thing sounds. It is always referring to a lack of something. All of us aspire, therefore, we all admit the world is not what it should be. Even people who wish there weren’t any Christians.

The world isn’t as it should be. It’s broken. Whether you make a resolution or not, take this chance while the year is still new to think about this and dare to talk about it with others.

I do set goals, but they’re not quite resolutions for a new year. They are an acknowledgement of sin in the world preventing something I see better as a capability within myself and others because of the work of the Holy Spirit. I see the opportunity to bring the gospel every new year.

We can take vain, insane, inane resolutions and use them to show people that they realize there’s something more to this world and this life. We can tell them about that, too.