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The Time is Now

I love puzzles so I was dying to jump in and help him but I knew that he was not going to be happy if I did.  I suggested finding the edges first but my words went unnoticed.  After about 10 minutes of hard work and very little progress, my son said, “why don’t we do it together, it will be a lot more fun and we will get done faster.”

We all smiled and started to put this puzzle together as one team; the five-year-old rookie was in charge of finding every piece that looked red, the eight-year-old semi-pro was working on body parts, and I, the master, was conquering those edges.  It took us about 25 minutes to finish the puzzle, we all had fun, and my son realized that working together was better than alone.

What if the body of Christ did the same thing?

What if the different churches and leaders worked together to bring Heaven down to earth?  I believe it would be a lot of fun, a lot more would get accomplished, and most importantly, our cities would be transformed a lot quicker by the power of God working through us.

As I was studying the story of the tower of Babel in Genesis, I saw something that I had never noticed before.  In Genesis 11:6 it says, “The Lord said, ‘If as one people speaking the same language they have begun to do this, then nothing they plan to do will be impossible for them.’”  (NIV)

Here is God, the all mighty, all knowing, all powerful God, saying that because these people were working together, in unison, nothing would be impossible for them.

Yes, the motives in this story were wrong and God was not happy with what they were doing.  But I don’t want you to focus on that. I want you to see, think, and digest God’s statement in this verse.  The unity and togetherness of the people caused God to say that nothing that they planned would be impossible.

Can you imagine what would happen in our homes, our churches, our communities, if we put our differences aside and decided, with God’s help, to trust each other and work together as one?  God can imagine and He says, “Nothing will be impossible for them.”

I believe that as pastors and leaders, we need to come to a place where we get out of our own small vision of what God wants for me and my church and unite with others in order to accomplish the big picture that God has for our communities. As we do that, our communities will be transformed faster and our churches will grow with people who want more of God.

God has been doing powerful things with His body within the past few years.  Something is shifting and the Kingdom of God is taking over this world like never before; heaven is invading earth.  Right now we have the opportunity to join in with what God is doing but we need an apostolic mindset that goes beyond what our own individual churches are doing; it goes beyond our own programs, services, and ideas.

I believe that the time is now.  A time when the church and its leaders need to start to honor each other regardless of their doctrines, traditions, languages, colors, social statuses, neighborhoods, and so on.

I believe that we need to start to give thanks for the gifts and talents that God has given other churches and leaders within our communities and start to use them for the good of the church and the community as a whole.

As a pastor of a church fellowship, I need you as much as you need me in order to change our community for Christ.  Let us do things different.  Let’s become new wineskins and embrace the new wine.  Let’s share pulpits, meetings, conferences, visions, plans, resources, gifts, talents, and see what God means by “nothing will be impossible.”

It does not matter if you and your church are a rookie at this church “thing” like my five- year-old daughter, or semi-pro like my eight-year-old son, or a master at it like I was at putting together puzzles.

If we work together and use each other’s gifts and talents, we will have a lot of fun, we will get a lot more done faster, and our communities will become a beautiful heavenly puzzle that God will be proud of and the devil will hate.

The time is now!

Let’s pray together, let’s use each other, let’s bless each other.  Let’s change our cities for Jesus as one body who is not envious, jealous, and afraid of each other, but rather, mature enough to work together, to love, and honor each other as Jesus planned.