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UW Christians unify for worship

This Saturday night the Upper House was filled with hundreds of students to participate in the All Campus Worship Night. The event was organized by an all student leadership team.

There are over 30 Christian organizations on the campus of the University of Wisconsin-Madison. This evening brought students representatives from those organization together with the purpose of worship.

The UW-Madison students in charge of the event – Kati Way, Nate Jones, Arielle Harmon, Ben Hershberger, and Michael Olsen – began planning this event spring semester of 2017.

It followed the success of the All Campus Worship Night that happened last April. Sophomore, Ben Hershberger says, “Last year there was a ton of energy and it blew my mind, so it made sense to do it again.”

The event gained popularity in the prior weeks through social media and creative videos incorporating individuals from all Christian organizations on campus. Kati Way, sophomore, explained, “The purpose of the event is for all the Christians on campus to come together for the greater purpose of God.”

The worship team began the night with “This I Believe” by Hillsong Worship. Hershberger started the night up saying, “The purpose of this night is for all of us to worship in unification under the same God.”

Various Christian organizations were called on to play a role in the planning and execution of this night. The worship team was composed to musical leaders from five different Christian organizations. There was a prayer team composed of students for students in worship to come with prayer request.

The theme of the night – unification among the Christian organizations – continued with different speakers. Calley Mannion, Tommy Gullberg, Jeff Rauenbuehler spoke about unity and the strength that is needed among Christian students on campus at UW

When asked why was it important to have a student-organized Campus Worship Night Nate Jones, junior, emphasized that students know what the campus needs when he says, “We want to be relationships with other [Christian] students. We want to worship with other students.”

After this night, Jones says, “We want people to gain connections and relationships so we can break down these walls between ministries.” He followed by saying, “We want people to be comfortable being Christian on campus and it helps when they know they are surrounded by community”.

The night finished with the song “With Everything” by Hillsong, the student crowd with hands lifted high in praise.

In anticipation of the Big Ten Championship, after the worship students stayed to watch the Badgers and enjoy ice cream.

The worship night was all what Arielle Harmon, sophomore, expected and more as she says, “Looking out and seeing the crowd worshipping makes me excited to see what is the future of the Christian community on this campus.”