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UW students live faith in service

According to scriptures, Christians are called to serve. In a time of life like college, it can be difficult to walk in this calling when everything and everyone is saying it is all about pleasing yourself. But thankfully, on campuses there are Christian organization actively pursuing this call.

There are various campus ministries at University of Wisconsin-Madison and many are doing their part to embody service. Campus ministries do not stop at worship and free food, but are acting as the light of Christ through the humility of service.

Badger Ministry finds that their service is a critical part to their walk with God. Every member feels a responsibility to be the church in a way of serving the community that they live in. They are currently expanding to many different service-oriented events. To name a few the organization is serving at these places in Madison:

  • Second Harvest Food Bank
  • Boys and Girls Club
  • Ronald McDonald House

They also intended to get more specific in service regarding the needs of neighborhoods in which many of the members attend church. They express a need to have a hands-on approach both to the community where they live and worldwide. They are affiliated with the non-profit Hope Worldwide and that allows them to take their heart of service global. According leaders in Badger Ministry, “this is only the beginning of all the service we plan to do for communities for the name of Jesus.”

The Crossing, an interdenominational campus ministry also makes it a priority to serve. For example, the students of The Crossing put together backpacks to support the homeless. The Crossing also sponsor a QUEST Travel program. The campus minister of The Crossing, Karla Schmidt, says “These trips are for students to learn, grow, and make a difference.”

Badger Catholic is another student organization that is on a mission to love this campus well through service.. Some of the service events they part take is volunteering at St. Vincent de Paul and serving meals at the Catholic Multicultural Center. One of the most interesting ways that they serve the community is with Catholic Workers where they go and aid homeless people on State Street in various capacities. Ben Miller, Badger Catholic Executive Board Advisors, says, “Doing outreach is how we show that care about the people living here in Madison”

Chi Alpha is another Christian organization that is tackling this call to serve. This is only their second year on campus, but they do not let that slow them down. The small group bible studies in this larger group are volunteering in places like the Ronald McDonald House. The entire organization is partnering this holiday with campus ministry Cru for Operation Christmas Child.

Abbie Sawczak,, Chi Alpha campus pastor, expresses the importance of this as she says, “As we partner with local charities it’s a reminder that life is about so much more than ourselves. It is about pouring into others and how we can show the sacrificial love that Christ showed us on the cross in practical ways today. ”

She emphasizes the importance of this to college-age ministry by saying, “We want to raise up leaders who are making a difference.”

The final and most important way of service according to all the ministries is witnessing to everyone. They feel that the ultimate service to anyone is to tell them about Jesus.

Arielle Holt, a leader in Badger Ministry, says with excitement, “Making sure people know the good news of Jesus is the biggest service we can do.”

The same enthusiasm is found in other ministries. For example, the ministry Navigators hold two-by-two where they reflection the discipleship methods of Jesus to serve students on campus.

The ministries express a desire to only grow in how they are serving. The service they are doing is being the light that the scriptures command the people of God to be. There is a constant current with these ministries that to being doing the Gospel, they also have to do service.