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The Selfless Ambition Good Neighbor Initiative started as a response to crisis in our community. The statistics speak for themselves. 19.5% of students in our community live at-or-under the poverty line. A full 50% of African American students don’t graduate high school in 4 years, and nearly half of African American males have an encounter with law enforcement by the time their 18. Only 10% of latino students score college ready on their ACT.

Dane County has struggled with these challenges for decades, and while our leaders have valiantly tried to make substantive change, their efforts have largely been unsuccessful. However, we recognized a massive, untapped resource for social change in Dane County: churches. The data speaks for itself: with tens of thousands of available volunteers, leaders and workers in every profession, and annual budgets reaching well into the tens of millions, churches in the region are primed for impact the likes of which we have never seen. While many churches are already doing amazing work in areas of equity, even more want to leverage their resources for the good of their city, but lack the knowledge and access to know where to start. Our team, with over 50 years of community development experience, plans to bridge that gap, providing churches with tangible, data proven opportunities to impact their community.

For more information on how you and your congregation or organization can be a part of the Good Neighbor Initiative, go to SAGoodNeighborInitiative.org for more information.